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Apr 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
recalls. and now toyota dealers have another fix to make. >> cool morning here. 42 degrees under mostly clear sky. should have a decent day although the clouds will start to increase throughout the day as well. and some rain knocking on our door. we're talking about that in just a moment. right now 5:06. let's get our check at the mta. >> no delays on the camden, penn or brunswick lines but look for the number 36 bus to be diverted due to a water main break. the 15 bus with a 15 to 20-money it delay. out there on lite rail and the metro subway, on time service. for the transsilt team i'm mark jones. >>> my friends if you are feeling lucky you should go out and get a ticket today. the jackpot has climbed to 143 million bucks tonight. that's for the megamillions drawing and then there's the cash option of $87.5 million. so you'd be in pretty good shape and there's the powerball drawing which is tomorrow. that jackpot has climbed to $252 million. that would be pretty nice. . >>> clear skies. we've got our temperatures down to the lower 40s in many spots. in the eastern shore with 41
Apr 29, 2010 5:00am EDT
morning: more troubles for toyota. the company is recalling about 50,000 sequoia suvs from 2003. the model year has unexpected slowing of the vehicle. the problem with the suv's stability control. good news, they've been no reports of accidents or injuries. >>> listen to this: jeremy guthrie said after last night's loss to the yankees: i'm apologetic to fans who pay to come and watch the orioles and watch us lose. in this case, because of me, i'm apologetic to jorge posada if he has to miss any time for yanking a pitch and hitting him. orioles lost 8-3 to the yankees. only thing to say after that is we play again tonight. brian mattis on the mound with the orioles. >>> a baltimore raven with an important message he hopes will catch up. >>> a radical step to keep an oil slick from getting closer to shore. let's take a look at weather. here's wyatt everhart. >> high temperatures yesterday into the upper 50s. we see temperatures down into the 30s, what will today bring? we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>> good morning from the mta. for your start you'll find light rail and metro
Apr 8, 2010 5:00am EDT
hit by a toyota echo. another man was hurt and is in serious condition. >>> three people are hurt, including a firefighter. a fire ripped through their apartment complex. this happened around 9:00 last night in the 3900 block of liberty heights avenue in northwest baltimore. sherrie johnson joins us live in studio. >> we have new information this morning on the three victims of the fire we brought to you last night as breaking news. this is new video from the scene that you're looking at. authorities say an elderly woman is in serious condition this morning. a firefighter burned both of his hands and fell out of a second story window while what he trying to help the elderly woman. the fire started on the third floor of a brick apartment building around 9:00 last night on liberty heights avenue. medics also took a third victim to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> fortunately it appears that it really is four apartments suffered fire and smoke damage. we'll be working with the management as well as the red cross and neighboring services to accommodate those that are displaced as
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3